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EXISTERE Consulting has developed Leadership, Management Development and Professional Training Courses suitable for the existing, aspiring or newly promoted managers/leaders who need to shift from a concentration on daily technical tasks to soft skills development and enhancement.
The Courses have been designed for passionate people who may not have had the opportunity to undergo formal academic qualification but are required to take supervisory to managerial roles in their respective organisation. The courses have been designed for organisations committed to building internal capabilities right from lower supervisory roles so that employees progress to senior roles with a strong soft skills base. They also provide the necessary learning on real organisational life and situations to participants with prior academic qualifications.
The Courses comprise of several inter-related modules with a logical sequence and provide participants a broad base of knowledge and learning from a multidisciplinary perspective. They cover a wide range of issues facing contemporary Service and Manufacturing industries. Participants will be exposed to the ‘know how’ and ‘hands on’ learning. Through this approach the delegate will be guided on how to translate learning to daily realities/situations to improve leadership and management ability and gradually enhance emotional maturity.
The Training Philosophy  
The training philosophy endorsed by EXISTEREConsulting identifies the uniqueness in each individual. The goal is to make participants aware of their individual context (work and life) and career, identify any stumbling blocks and then map out a personal action and development plan to fully meet individual career goals. A key aspect in our philosophy is Authenticity – Authenticity in the way we approach any client situation and context but also develop an awareness for each client or training participant to fully tap into his/her authenticity in situations facing us in our corporate and personal life.
This is hoped will allow participants to build their own brand and integrate same in the corporate environment aligned to the company’s mission and vision.
Our  Methodology  
The training methodology through the Courses/Modules proposed by EXISTERE Consulting act as bloodline to the service process. A sophisticated approach to training aligned to the service process and business goals focusing at four levels to bring added value to service processes, client customer experience and bottomline performance. – Base level to ensure minimum standards are met – Intermediate level to match competitor service strategies or new entrants in market – Third level would involve developing unique signature services and delivery. Aligned to the above the fourth level would focus on the development of emerging talents (inbreed) managers and leaders at all levels of the organisation focusing to strive towards resilience in the organisation.